About Harkins Leadership Group

Meet Brenda Harkins

Harkins Leadership Group exists to help you make the difference only you can make in your world and in your relationships. Stress is real, and the stronger it gets, the weaker you can feel. We want to support you in being the best version of yourself in all areas of life. Because of that, we offer several coaching and training options, but ultimately we believe there are two main areas that are game changers. These areas help you stand out, stay strong, and start living life more fulfilled. What are those areas? Strengths and Conflict.

  1. Strengths: Discover, understand, activate, and grow your talents and strengths through strategic planning and application that showcases the power and potential only you can bring.
  2. Conflict: Navigate conflict, on large or small scales, in ways that develop confident, respectful, and trusting relationships which are key to both personal and professional success.

These two areas are foundational for shifting every other area. Check out our Services or Contact us for more information on how we might be able to work with you toward increased success. If you would like, our Founder and CEO, Brenda Harkins, would be happy to speak with you directly. Brenda is also the Creator of the Loud Is Not A Language® model of engagement and communication, a Professional Life and Leadership Coach, Mediator, Author and Speaker. Her joy is to help people unleash potential, define purpose and drive success.

We wish you much success, joy and fulfillment.

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